Formatted Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

Make use of the Hard Drive Data Recovery software for retrieving files from all the popular hard drive brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, Maxtor, Seagate, WD in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can easily recover data from HFSX, HFS, NTFS and FAT partitions with complete ease.

Nowadays, Seagate hard drive is most widely used storage media in computers and laptops. This is only because of it offers great performance along with large storage capacity and fast data accessibility with all computers. Although it is a very reliable storage device even sometimes you may lose your crucial files and other useful data just after format operation. Whatever be the reason behind an attempt to format the hard disk, you cannot get back lost data without employing any third party tool. The situation becomes more critical when you need some files badly to perform important tasks related to your project or purpose. In such point of time, how to restore formatted Seagate hdd? Do not worry, at this time, you should go for a very effective tool such as Restore Formatted Hard Drive. It is highly reviewed and industry recommended the utility to rescue formatted Seagate hard drive.

Nobody wants to face such critical data loss disaster but there are some scenarios which oblige you to format the hard disk. You may format hard drive mistakenly or intentionally according to several circumstances. Most of the users get format hard drive while re-installing the operating system or upgrading the OS to a newer version. Actually, during installation of an OS program, the user gets an option to format logical drives and they end with formatting the drive. Similarly, hard drive partition gets lost or inaccessible after erroneous hard disk management operation like resizing the partition size or re-partitioning the existing partitions. After partition loss, to make use of lost partition space, most of the users attempt to format the hard drive. In addition, if you have useless data on your system hard drive and want it make it empty to get more space, you may format the hard disk. But, if you lose some important data with those useless files, you can easily rescue formatted Seagate hard drive using this application. To carry out the recovery process easily, use this link:

If the hard drive gets affected with the virus program, you may lose lots of important files as it makes hard drive data corrupted or inaccessible. There are numerous ways by which the virus can affect the hard drive data. Boot sector corruption due to the virus infection is one of the most severe crisis after that there remains the only option with you that is hard drive formatting. Actually, boot sector contains the machine code which is neccessary to load the OS program but after the virus corruption, machine code cannot be accessed and system fails to boot. To resolve this problem, you need to format entire hard drive and again re-install the OS. Apart from this, MBR corruption, damaged file system structure etc also leads to data inaccessibility after that you may proceed to format Seagate hard disk. However, whatever is the reason behind format operation, you can take help of the software to rescue formatted Seagate hard drive files. Using this ultimate utility, you can rescue photo files from formatted drive along with all type of media files and other documents. Files of various types including documents, PowerPoint files, PDF files, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, MP3 files, etc. can be recovered with the assistance of this software.

Restore Formatted Hard Drive software is an excellent tool to unformat NTFS and FAT partitions from SCSI, IDE, SATA, PATA, and ATA hard drives. It is a highly effective application that supports data recovery from formatted Seagate hard disk on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. The software also comes for Mac computer users to make data recovery from formatted hard disk with in few easy steps. It has the potential to retrieve files from formatted Seagate external hard drive partitioned with various file systems including HFS, HFSX, NTFS, exFAT, FAT16, FAT32, etc. Apart form Seagate hard disk, it recovers files from WD, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, Maxtor, IBM, Iomega, Sony, Asus, Acer hard drives after format. The demo version of this tool is available for free download, using which you can check its recovering ability. It scans and restores all types of files from Seagate hard drive and after restoring your data, it provides an option to view the restored data in File Type View or Data View. If you looking for the tool to rescue external hard disk data, you can go through the link

Steps to restore Seagate hard disk data:

Step 1:On the main screen selcet "Recover Drives" option & then select "Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery" and then proceed to next step.

Rescue Formatted Seagate Hard Drive - Select Recover Drives

Figure A: Recover Drives

Step 2: Chose the Seagate hard drive from availble drives list & then start the scanning process.

Rescue Formatted Seagate Hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: After the complete scanning process, you will find a list of recovered files & view than with the help of "Preview" option.

Rescue Formatted Seagate Hard Drive - Preview Restored Seagate Drive Data

Figure C: Preview Restored Seagate Drive Data

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