Easy Way to Restore Data from USB Drive

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Losing data from any storage device or electronic gadgets is a common issue. If you are crawling up your mind to resolve this issue then you are in the correct place. You can find the best solution in this article. But before that, you have to walk through the scenarios that lead to loss of files from USB drive. USB drive is data storage device which can be used for storing all types of files. It is small in size has high storage capacity & also provides high transfer rate. In spite of having enriched with all these features still it is prone to corruption like any other data storage device after all it is a handmade device.

There are many reasons that contribute to loss of files from USB drive. Some of them are explained below:

  • While transferring files from USB drive to PC if you pull out your device without using “Safely remove hardware” icon then it may corrupt your drive. The reason for corruption is that it informs Operating System to halt accessing of the file System of USB drive & at that time removing the device suddenly without proper exit option may need you to format your drive resulting in data loss.
  • In case, if you come across this data loss scenario, make use of this software to recover USB drive files in an easy way. It scans and restores almost all types of files within few couple of clicks. After restoring all your data, it provides an advanced option to preview the restored files.
  • Accidental deletion of files from USB drive may also result in data loss because if you delete files from the device then it bypass Recycle Bin & you cannot restore it back unless you use recovery software.

  • Viruses & worms infects the system while downloading files from internet & when you connect your device to your computer & transfer files from one system to other then viruses also gets into it leading to loss of files by corrupting the device.

  • If you terminate your system abruptly or if your computer shuts down suddenly due to power failure or electro-static discharge while transferring files may also leads to loss of files.

Other reasons that cause data loss are file system corruption, format error, software & hardware malfunction, using untrusted software, etc. To avoid such loss it is better to keep complete backup of your important files. If you do not have proper back up then no need to worry, you can choose USB drive recovery software to recover USB drive files. Recovery of files is possible because when your files get disappeared from the device because they are still available in some parts of the device. It just happens that the space occupied by that lost files are marked as free. But overwriting of these files lead to loss of files & that may make files disappear from the device forever. So this proficient software helps you to recover usb drive files which you think is beyond recovery. It has potential to restore files from USB drive that is partitioned with different file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS or HFSX. It supports data recovery from USB drive on both Windows and Mac running computers. Using this software, you can retrieve USB drive files of various types such as documents, PowerPoint files, images, spreadsheets, videos, MP3 songs, and many more. This USB drive recovery software can not only retrieve files from USB drive but also capable of restoring data from external hard drives, iPod devices, flash memory cards, FireWire drives, digital cameras, etc. Not only that, if you formatted your system accidentally or forcibly without having any backup, you may use this application to bring back all those items. if you want to use this efficient program for system recovery click here.

Procedure to perform recovery of files from USB drive:

Step 1:Launch the software & then you will find three options in the home screen. Select "Recover Files" from it & then select "Recover Lost Files" and then proceed to next step.

Recover USB Drive Files - Recover Partition

Figure A: Recover Files

Step 2: Chose the USB drive from which you want to restore back files & then start the scanning process as shown in figure

Recover USB Drive Files - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: At last, after completion of the recovery process you will find list of retrieved files & you can also preview them by "Preview" option.

Recover USB Drive Files  - Preview Recovered File

Figure C: Preview Retrieved File

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