Data Recovery from Formatted HDD

Recover your files from formatted hard disk from all the popular brands such as Seagate, Maxtor, Lacie, Western Digital and many more. You can easily downlaod the demo version of the software for retreiving files in a secure manner. Moreover, technical help is provided by the support team round the clock.

Though the formatting of the a hard drive is done at a large scale, most of the people fail to understand the real concept of formatting. The misconception that most of the people have about formatting a hard drive is that formatting erases data on that drive permanently. But this is the wrong notion!!!! A computer savvy never bears the loss of his important files. However, it is still possible to recover data from the a formatted a hard drive, provided how quickly you act upon.

Don’t worry! It is very simple to restore data from a a formatted a hard drive with the use of good recovery software. When you format a hard drive, only pointers of files are deleted from file directory. Files do not erase completely from a hard drive. The operating system marks the storage space occupied by lost or deleted files as free for storing the new files. Lost or deleted files still reside on the same location until and unless they are overwritten with the new files. Formatted a hard drive recovery tool searches such kind of data with its inbuilt scanning algorithm and restores data with unique file signatures.

The circumstances like virus infection, file system corruption, hardware failure, disk boot error, MBR corruption etc forces the users to format their a hard drive. In case if you don’t have backup of your important files from such a formatted drives, it could lead to severe data loss. Software makes it very simple to restore data from a formatted Seagate, Hitachi, Maxtor, Lacie, Samsung and from other popular brands HDD. It is empowered with smart mechanism to supports retrieval of all kind of media files and documents from a formatted hard disk. Moreover, it supports a formatted a hard drive data recovery on both Windows and Mac running systems.

When you lose data from the a formatted a hard drive and want to restore data from such drives, you need to take a few precautionary measures to avoid permanent data loss from the a formatted a hard drive.

  • Instantly stop using the a hard drive until you recover data from a formatted a hard drive.
  • Do not store any new data on the a formatted drive because this could overwrite previously lost or deleted files with new files.

However, even after taking many precautionary measures, there may be still possibilities of losing data from a formatted a hard drive. So better to take regular backup of all your important files, which might save you when you face severe data loss.

Restore Formatted Hard drive is the ultimate software when it comes to recover data from a formatted a hard drive, recover data from corrupted hard disk, or from re-a formatted, and inaccessible partitions. Unlike other tools, this tool does file recovery from external a hard drive, iPod, flash drive, memory stick, FireWire drive, digital camera etc. It performs a sector by sector scanning of your entire a hard drive and restores files effectively with the use of its inbuilt scanning algorithm. After restoring all your files, the restored data can be viewed in the demo version of the software itself. It can recover files from a formatted hard disk that is partitioned with several file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS or HFSX. By using this utility, you can retrieve a formatted a hard drive data of various types such as documents, PowerPoint files, spreadsheets, PDF files, videos, MP3 songs, images, and many more with ease. This tool can also perform photo recovery from a formatted drive on all the latest versions of the Windows operating system. It has advanced file preview option, which helps you to view the recovered files before their restoration. Moreover, this software supports data recovery from Mac a hard drive and Windows-based computer’s a hard drive.

Steps to retrieve data from a formatted a hard drive

Step 1: Download and install Restore Formatted Hard Drive tool and open its main window as shown in the below figure A.

Figure A: Recover Partition

Step 2: Chose "Recover Drives/Partitions" option and then select the partition of hard disk as shown in figure B.

Recover Data From Formatted Hard Drive - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: Lastly, you will see the list of retrieved files. Double click on any one of the file to preview it as shown in figure C.

Recover Data From Formatted Hard Drive - Preview Recovered File

Figure C: Preview Retrieved File

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