Software to Restore Formatted Hard Drive Data

  • Scans complete hard drive and easily restore formatted hard drive in simple mouse clicks
  • Restores more than 300 types of files including images, videos, zip archives, spreadsheets, movies, documents etc from formatted hard drive
  • Appropriate tool to restore external hard drive files as well as files from any type of hard drive
  • Specially developed torestore formatted hard drive which is damaged, re-formatted, or inaccessible partitions
  • Easy to use software available on internet to restore corrupted hard disk data

Are you looking for ways to restore formatted hard drive?

Thinking of how to get important data back? Here is the solution to recover formatted hard drive? Just download and use Restore Formatted Hard Drive software on your Windows or Mac computer and recover complete data from formatted hard disk drives within few minutes.

You may have lost all your important files due to accidental formatting of hard drive. Or may be a Trojan virus has forced you to do formatting? You must be searching to restore formatted hard drive and look for any possibility to get all your important files and folders back. Moreover, you might be thinking that you have lost all your important data forever, but this is not true because data retrieval is possible with the use of suitable formatted hard disk recovery software. These tools have inbuilt scanning algorithms which scans the entire hard drive for lost or deleted files and restore formatted hard drive data with the use of their advanced recovery options.

Most common data loss scenarios which may seek solution to restore formatted hard drive data?

  • Many a times while partitioning of computer hard drive, user ends up with formatting the entire hard drive. This consequently lead to complete loss of files and folders from that drive. Then you may think to restore formatted hard drive data and get back those lost file easily. Yes you can easily as there is sofwtre named Formatted Hard Drive Recovery will helps you in all case.
  • Sometimes due to infection of virus or file system corruption, logical drives might become inaccessible. In such situations, you need to format the drive to use it further. Suppose the data stored on such drives has not backed up, then losing of important data is guaranteed.
  • Formatting of hard drive unintentionally is another circumstance where users end up with losing large amount of files. A few times while formatting external hard drive, there are probabilities that user may format their computer’s logical drive by treating it as USB external hard drive. This might leads to severe data loss. Dont be panic you can still have a chance to restore formatted hard drive data without any damage.
  • In some circumstances, there are chances of MBR or Root Directory corruption due to hard drive crash. Since they are like an index to access the stored data from the hard drive, corruption makes your hard drives inaccessible. In such scenarios, format is mandatory to resolve the problem.
  • In all above situation you may need an efficinet way to restore formatted hard drive data


When you format hard drive, you will lose entire data on that drive, no matter which format method you apply. Therefore, it is very important to take regular back up of all your important files. Even though, if you do not have backing files, you still have chances to restore formatted hard drive data by using Restore Formatted Hard Drive software.

Irrespective of the cause, whenever you face loss of data, instead of making ridiculous mistakes think of using data recovery tool. It will help you to restore your lost or deleted data before overwriting the hard drive. This tool scans the entire hard disk drive from which the file is lost and restores with the help of file signatures.

Unique features of Restore Formatted Hard Drive software

  • Supports restoring files from USB drives & various other storage drives like hard disk drives, iPods, flash drives, FireWire drives, digital cameras and many more, which can be accessed through computer or laptop.
  • This formatted hard drive data recovery software provides advanced Find option to locate the particular restored file based on file name, size, date of creation, and extension.
  • It can restore formatted hard drive photos and also re-formatted HDD partition. Know more about formatted drives recovery on this url:
  • Facilitates to edit/add the files signatures, in case if they are not listed during the recovery process.
  • It is capable of restoring various types of files such as pictures, videos, audio files, Word files, PowerPoint files, spreadsheets, PDF files, application files, and many more within few couple of clicks.
  • In addition to Windows, it will also aida to restore formatted hard drive on Mac OS X.
  • It recovers all your data in few easy steps and allows you to save the recovery session to avoid re-scanning of hard drive.
  • Restore formatted hard drive tool provides you to preview the recovered media files before their restoration.
  • This software helps to recover files after formatting hard drive in few simple steps.
  • It is capable of recovering data from WD hard drive after getting affected by boot sector virus, damaged boot loader, file system corruption & unintentional formatting.

Recent Updates of Restore Formatted Hard Drive Software:

Recently, an upgraded edition of Restore Formatted Hard Drive application appropriate to recover formatted drive is launched. Now if you format hard disk partition accidentally, immediately use this application and restore intact information easily. To get more information, please check out the link.

If you have lost all your important data from Windows 7 hard drive after format, don't worry. This Restore Formatted Hard Drive Data recovery application is updated recently to make it highly efficient to recover data after format on Windows 7. For more elaborated knowledge about how to recover files on Windows 7 you continue reading here.

Software is now empowered with smart scanning methods to support restoration of media files from various kinds of memory cards, external hard drive and from other storage devices in an efficient way. It makes recovery process very secure and effective than any other tool, that is why it is now highly reviewed application among plenty of tools.

Few simple steps to restore formatted hard drive data

Step 1: Download and install Restore Formatted Hard Drive tool and launch it on your computer.

Step 2: Go for "Recover Drives" tab and choose "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option as shown in figure A.

Restore Formatted Hard Drive - Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery

Figure A: Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery

Step 3: Choose logical drive from which you want to restore data and then click on the next option as shown in figure B.

Restore Formatted Hard Drive - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 4: After scanning process finishes, you can find a list of restored files as shown in figure C.

Restore Formatted Hard Drive - List of Restored Files

Figure C: List of Restored Files

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